Private life and cookies

What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a text file which is stocked on your computer or on your device by an internet website. Only this site ( le serveur de ce site) will be able to get the cookie back or to read the content of the cookie.

Every cookie is unique for your browser. It will contain anonymous informations as the unique ID and the name of the site, … Your browser allows an internet website to remember things as your preferences or to keep your session active. Certain cookies lasts 30 minutes and others one week.

Cookies can be activate by the site you are visiting (called « internal cookies ») or by other sites that carry the content of the page you are consulting (« cookies third »).

To know more about cookies, the site HowStuffWorks explains us how they work : how work cookies on the internet ?

Activate/desactivate cookies

By using our site, you consent to usage and save of cookies on your computer, smartphone or tablet. you have the possibility to surf on our site without cookies, but the service will be reduced.

You can oppose to cookies recordings on your device by configuring your browser to block cookies. Note that a lot of browsers accept by default the cookies.

Moreover, you can delete cookies saved in your browser when you want it, you just have to clear cache of your browser ( navigation data). You can find more informations about that in the user’s guide of your browser.

Why is this site using cookies ?

Cookies on this site are used for audience measurement purposes, and does not interfere with the navigation of Internet users.